Sixty Minutes

60 Minutes

I bid you greetings in the precious and powerful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As

Superintendent of the 60 Minutes Ministry formerly known as Sunday School , I coordinate the efforts of

the ministry and is responsible for seeing that the goal of the ministry is lived out. The goal of the ministry is to fulfill all of the core values (Grow, Serve, Belong, Share and Celebrate) of Star Hill Baptist Church through an organized, balanced approach within the context of an hour, not in an hour, but within the context of an hour. It could be said that the 60 Minutes is a purpose driven Sunday School. However, it is much more than Sunday School or another name given to Sunday School. It is an integral part of “How We Do Church At Star Hill.” The 60 Minutes starting time is 9:30 am and ends at 10:30 am. I work with an The 60 Minutes Ministry consist of the following servant leaders:

Preschool Group – Beverly Davis and Deja Stepter

Primary Group – Connie Matthews and Chrystal Yarber

Juniors Group – Randolph Constance

Teens Group – Tamara Simmons and Monique Stepter

Young Adults Group – Pastor Spell and Minister Jeff LaCour

Men Group – Deacon Clovis Williams and Johnny Curry

Ladies 1 Group (The Overcomers) – Mary Jetson and Ella Bailey

Ladies 2 Group ( The Lady Bugs) – Brenda Curry, Dorothy Hewlett, Effie Scott and Edna Stepteau

Ladies 3 Group (Women of Destiny) – Kaedra Arnold, Brenda Zidan and Shirley Williams

Couples Group – Deacon Telly Roper and Elaine Richardson

New Converts – Ministerial Staff, Deaconess and appointed members

Administrative staff that consists of:

Mary Jetson, Co-Superintendent

Connie Matthews, Superintendent of Youth and Children Department

The 60 Minutes ministry has a total of 22 facilitators. We have groups for all ages.


How to Study The Bible - Marjorie Smith and Shirley Williams

Genesis, Nehemiah and The Prison Epistles – Sherry Irving

Spiritual Gifts – Neoma Stepter and Chorondalette Moore

Again, the ministry is open to all ages and seeks to honor God by providing opportunities for everyone to fulfill the core values: Grow in an intentional and accountable way. Serve with passion and be equipped for ministry. Belong to one another through healthy small groups and genuine fellowship. Share their story actively and effectively in everyday relationships. And Celebrate the awesomeness of God in an excellent and vibrant way. 60 Minutes is a place where you can be connected with the 4 Pillar Structure of Star Hill, which replaces Kingdom Expansion Groups. 60 Minutes is Star Hill’s version of small groups or cell groups. It is our prayer that you become a part of a 60 Minutes Group where you can share some exciting times with us. 60 Minutes the educational as well as the relationship building aspect of Star Hill. Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32


60 Minutes – teaches the Bible, (and that’s Grow)

60 Minutes – furnishes an opportunity to learn to deal with spiritual problems with those of the same

age or near to the same age. (and that is Grow)

60 Minutes – present teens and children, as well as adults, with methods of service to Christ (that’s


60 Minutes – helps to build character in children and teens (which prepares them for works of service)

60 Minutes – is a wonderful place to develop strong relationships and have Christian fellowship (that’s Belong)

60 Minutes – help people deal with daily problems that happen to all of us (that’s Belong)

60 Minutes – is a place where Christian testimonies and experiences can be shared (that’s Share)

60 Minutes – a place to bring those who need to hear and experience the Word of Christ (that’s Celebrate)


It’s a Ministry that’s committed to introducing people to Christ, it’s a Ministry that respond in love to all

people through authentic fellowship, it’s a Ministry devoted to transforming people’s lives through Biblical teaching and study, it’s a Ministry that sends forth God’s people equipped to serve. And it’s a Ministry that honors God in all we do.