Our History

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of Reverend Silas Alpine, the Star Hill Baptist Church was organized in 1944, on the north end of 48th street. Strikes on the bottom of a tin tub would signal to the early Star Hill family to gather at the small one-room building. Within one year the membership had grown beyond the small space and a modern frame building was erected.

Under the leadership of Reverend Alpine, Star Hill grew spiritually, numerically and in impact upon the community. A number of ministries and auxiliaries were formed as Star Hill sought to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples. Reverend H.P. Greene joined with Pastor Alpine in serving the Star Hill family and the community. In October of 1962, the family circle was broken in a dramatic way with the death of Reverend Alpine. It would be difficult to express in words the impact of Silas Alpine on the life of the Star Hill Baptist Church. His legacy lives on even today.

After a period of prayer, the Star Hill family was led to elect Reverend H.P. Greene to serve as its second pastor. Reverend Greene continued the pattern of growth and development. Blessed with a servant’s heart, Reverend Greene taught by example, compassion, and ministry. Tragedy struck again in September of 1971, this time in the form of fire, which severely damaged the edifice. Through the grace of God, the leadership of Reverend Greene, and the commitment of the people, within six years the building was rebuilt and the mortgage paid in full. In 1989, Reverend Greene became ill and unable to serve the Star Hill family. In April of 1990, Reverend Shelton Charles Dixon became the third pastor of the Star Hill Baptist Church. Blessed by God with great energy and tremendous gifts, Pastor Dixon immediately energized the Star Hill family. Through reverent teaching of God’s Word, Pastor Dixon challenged Star Hill to become doers of the Word and to experience the promise of God to the believer. Growth and development characterized this period in Star Hill’s history, also. It was under leadership of Pastor Dixon that the church bus and six and half acres of land on the corner of Greenwell Springs Road and Foster Drive were purchased. In December of 1993, Reverend Dixon resigned as pastor of the Star Hill family.


In November 1994, Star Hill installed its fourth pastor, Raymond A. Jetson. As a child of Star Hill, Pastor Jetson possessed both deep roots and love for Star Hill. As for those who preceded him, growth and development have characterized the pastorate of Reverend Jetson. God, time, and history will evaluate his service.


After pastoring Star Hill for 23 years, in December 2017, Pastor Raymond A. Jetson retired, to become more active in MetroMorphosis, the nonprofit he founded in 2012. 

On January 14, 2018, Star Hill installed its fifth and current pastor, Lynwood Clinton Spell.

While being blessed by God with strong leaders, Star Hill has been filled with special people. “Star Hill” and “family” have always gone together. The thousands of names, faces, and lives that have been a part of Star Hill over the years have made the difference. Names like Barber, Simpson, Crawford, Whitfield, Hall, Smith, Ford, George, Washington, Antwine and far too many more to mention, have been a solid foundation. It is this foundation that we stand upon today… looking toward our future, while honoring our past.